Sunday, January 5, 2014

DF-10 Crab Heavy War-Crate

The mother of all early stage War-Crates, the Crab totes a bulky turret battle battery built around a heavily modified hull deriving from the design core of the lighter Groat War-Crate. It is the first truly heavy War-Crate. This tracked unit is a rumbling behemoth of a machine, slapped and gridded with excess welded armoured plate and boasting the biggest bombardier cannon any logically programmed engineer-bot could compute at the time. Slow and ponderous, it may take twelve cycles just to reverse out of the machine shop, but rest assured when this thumping grudge hammer of a war-crate finally reaches its destination, it takes the strongest programmed bots not to nullify their directive and skedaddle from their hard points. Four bot crew (1 Driver-bot, 1 Gunner-bot, 1 Engineer-bot, 1 Commander-bot) 

The Crab is a multi-part tank miniature produced in white metal and resin components. The Crab will be released in the first wave of Warpod miniatures both by Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory early 2014.


The Flytrap

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