Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warfighter: World at War

A quick glimpse at a half completed platoon the Recluse is doing up...
These packs will be sold for Warfighter and for use with other rule systems.

These guys are Late War 44-45 Germans wearing the reversible cover all type uniform, suitable for use during the Battle of the Bulge or any other Late War scenario!

We launch with the Rifle Platoon/Company Command blister and will follow up soon after with all the ancillary support options, Mortar platoon, HMG platoons etc etc

These will be available in April...stay tuned for more updates!

The Baron


  1. very nice! When are the figures available?

  2. Is this a project that will see the ight? Any reason for the delay?

    that'd be a pity, the figures look gems