Monday, July 30, 2012

Warfighter Heroes!

Ladies and Gentlemen...
As a second half to this months releases we are proud to launch the first of our products for a planned collectible/customiseable toy line.
Steering in a different direction from our usual contribution to the world of tabletop wargaming the "Warfighter Heroes" line is the first range of items under the Boofheads logo incorporating the comic characters of a fictional battlefield in an alternative timeline.
Corporal Tootles Mc'Doodle, the hardened veteran from the ranks of the Royalist Commando troops has spent years on or behind enemy lines, disrupting supply routes and spreading chaos amidst hostile positions. His reputation for being a heavy drinking, hard living footslogger is matched only by the legend that surrounds his exploits in action.

Please join us in welcoming the good Corporal, the first of what will be many to stand up and be counted underneath the Warfighter Heroes banner.

The flytrap folk are pleased and excited to venture into this new category of offerings, as a design studio we are constantly looking to expand our abiltiies into other areas of interest. The recent addition of our own inhouse resin casting facility has opened new doors and allowed us to play our trade into other concepts. The process we went through initially to be able to bring "Corp Toots" to the fray was long, error laden and stressful so as you can imagine it was with great joy when we were able to fully produce our first complete toy.
With the Warfighter Heroes lines we offer a fully completed ready to market item. There will only be 150 copies of each character put into production, and whilst new characters will be generated consistantly, once the magic 150 productions is met for any given character, the characters moulds will be permanently retired. We do this to ensure that customers who invest in our products are ensured their "collectibiltiy" status as well as allowing our artists to focus on creating new products as opposed to constantly reproducing older runs.

Each character purchased is hand sculpted over a Boofheads dolly (also created by hand inhouse) it is then moulded, cast, trimmed and cleaned and then painted and assembled by the same artist that created the inital figure. the process is time consuming but it gaurantees the very best in quality that we can produce and ensures that a highly polished product is delivered into your hands. The main figure and his primary weapon is produced in polyurethane resin, cast under pressure and prepped by hand, whilst the characters battle kit (packs, pouches and other ancillary equipment) is produced in high grade white metal. All items are cleaned, primed and painted individually with the complete item pinned and assembled prior to postage.

We hope that you get as much joy out of this new product as we have had in creating them.

Kind regards

Baron Trapdoor 

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