Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Brothers Come Home...

Merry Christmas folks!
Releasing shortly is the much anticipated first product for the heroic 20mm Journeyman Series line of miniatures for Netherworlds Edge. This is a double whammy release which will be up for pre-order later this week and ships out on the 28th of January worldwide.
The first part of the release is a blister containing 5 high quality white metal miniatures of the Brothers of Nuln themselves.

The second half of the release is their trusty semi-watertight flagship the Drunken Skunk produced in high qualtiy polyurethane resin and white metal componentry.

Keep an eye out on our blog and website this week as we moved forward with a whole bunch of new releases available immediately or for preorder including the well received upcoming Caveman Vs. Wild Season One releases...

Till then
Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Years celebration period.

The Baron
and the Flytrap Factory crew.

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