Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Triggerswitch Trenchers Scout/Sniper Gunny Shaft Silo Resin WIP

If the Triggerswitch Trenchers were renowned for anything, it was their unorthodox methods of bringing the pain to the Clanker legions. Of this unruly bunch Gunnery Sergeant Shaft Silo, a veteran of the Planetfall Campaign and the siege of Stardock Seven was perhaps the most unconventional. Before Kontagion Silo served as a council worker of sorts, his directive was pest control, a role he excelled at.
Over the three decades in this function Silo was single handedly responsible for the total eradication of three species of Link Bug, and the virulent Worp Rat. So handy with the P-9 Pinger rifle was he that his prime function was immediately upgraded to Sniper-bot at the time of the Rearming.

These days Silo prefers to spend his time well ahead of the main body of Trenchers, we he can utilise his honed optical enhancements and keen sense of detection to better serve his battle-bot brothers.

Accompanied everywhere by his pet "Wutzel", a carnivorous Gronkel Beetle not unlike the pests he used to hunt. Silo is a dependable battlefield asset, responsible for countless Clanker wrecks. His battle-bot brothers may not see him but always rest assured he is there plying his deadly trade to their advantage somewhere not too far off.

Gunny Sarge Shaft Silo Resin WIP

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