Thursday, February 13, 2014

DF3 "Groat" Light War Crate

DF3 Groat Light War-Crate
This small tracked vehicle served as the primary labour donkey of Destroid IVs mining operation. Retro-fitted with a multitude of different winches, toolings, equipment load outs it fulfilled hundreds of different roles from drilling and excavation, to haulage and dignitary transport. The DF3 (Destroid Fleet 3) is an adapted tracked transport which serves doubly as an idea recon vehicle and ammunition carrier. Grinding along the iron strewn junklands of Destroid IV like a Speckly Ramble Crab this small yet heavily armoured track can be outfitted to fulfill any mission directive. Capable of carrying up six bot tank riders into battle, its two bot crew (1 Driver/Engineer-bot and 1 Gunner/Observer-bot) is often utilised to provide support fire in times of need. 


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