Thursday, February 13, 2014

DF-5 "Mule" Medium War Crate

DF5 Mule Medium War-Crate
Basically this war crate is yet another field modification of the DF3. Servo engineer bots tinkering away in arc lit oil stained machine shops have riveted a turret mantle and cupola configuration onto a converted Groat in an effort to create a battle tank of sorts. Slightly up-armoured on the hull, the gunner/observer now benefits from its own protective shell, with the added bonus of a large bombardier cannon slapped on the front. Slightly slower than the Groat and barely able to keep pace with the designated transporter what the Mule lacks in speed it makes up for in survivability and the added firepower that its battle cannon offers. Still able to carry one or two riders into battle, the main objective for this battlefield asset is to locate and eradicate hard targets otherwise impervious to small arms fire in support of the advance of friendly ground pounders. Three bot crew (1 Driver/Engineer-bot, 1 Gunner-bot, 1 Commander-bot)


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