Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Warfighter tables in the mix

Here at the factory we have several projects going on at any one time.
One such project was the creation of a series of theatre specific 4 foot x 4 foot gaming tables for our Warfighter rule system which is currently in development. This table was the first completed and depicts a small middle eastern style hamlet located in the mountainous regions of some backwater border zone.

Count Recluse is currently designing and painting up a downed Blackhawk helicopter as an objective marker specific to the small scale skirmish mission this table was designed with the intention of using for.

Warfighter as a game is being designed for those whose gaming style is prohibited by the influences of modern life... space restrictions, financial restrictions and time restrictions. We are aiming for a skirmish system that follows a few key design principles...

1. It can be played in less than 40 minutes if time restraints are an issue...
2. It can be played with less than 30 1:100 scale figures aside (of which vehicles are not essential)
3. The system is simple enough and elegant enough that it can be picked up in less than 20 minutes
4. It is designed to be played on tables only slightly larger than 1 square meter in size
5. and most importantly its got to be fun...not bogged down by tiresome mechanics and a multitude of charts and tables, and understandable by all, even those who have never thrown a dice in an offensive fashion before in their lives.

So with all these principles in mind we have set off to design such a system... we hope to achieve this massive task in the not too distant future...but until then!

All the best
Baron Trapdoor

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