Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sneek Peek at some upcoming factions for Warfighter

Ladies and Gents
Just coming up to Christmas and aware that we will be away from the factory for about a week I thought it prudent to share the first sneek peek of one of the warfighter factions upcoming in the very early new year.

The I.J.B or Islamic Jihadist Brigades are a ragtag but formidable force of radical insurgents, operating throughout the Middle Eastern and Eurasian continents. Schooled in the methods of western warfare and guerrilla tactics they are adept in infiltrating western populations and striking with both deadly and calculated efficiency. Their forefathers, the Taliban of old established the fundamental cause that they now revere and all members of the Brigades have sworn a blood oath of fealty to the ultimate destruction of the invading western infidel.
Against a zealous and borderline maniacal enemy the liberating forces of the so called civilised world have more than met their match against this relentless and fearless adversary.

The initial range comprises of approximately 15+ sculpts and will grow as we do, as usual this range lends itself well to Ambush Alley or any other modern to ultra-modern wargaming ruleset.

We hope that you like this little taste

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

kindest regards
Baron Trapdoor

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