Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flytrap Factory/Three Quarter Moon Productions alliance

Or a.k.a... the assimilation of two creative madhouses...

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with respect and excitement that I introduce Allister Whyte and his production company "Three Quarter Moon Productions" to the Flytrap Factory community.
Allister a good friend of mine is a veteran of the film/photographic/miniature/model/prop design industry here in New Zealand for almost three decades and brings an enormous wealth of experience, talent and ability to our pool.

To check out some of Allisters work visit his companies website here...

With "Three Quarter Moon Productions" now working closely with the guys at the Flytrap we are empowered to explore areas and facets of the entertainment industry that to date we had not been able to. This will enable us to better realise the concepts and properties that we are currently developing as well as granting us the ability to serve our community better in the way of expanded creative disciplines.

We will incorporate this new addition in the next web update as well as displaying some of the radical and mind boggling projects and creations that Allister and his team have devised over the years.

Via the Flytrap website Three Quarter Moon Productions will soon be selling directly to the public exclusive creations, props, and pieces of Allisters artwork, so keep an eye out for coming updates as we start bring you edgey steampunk designs and fantastic pieces directly from TQMs studio.

Thank you for your time

Kindest regards
Baron Trapdoor

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