Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warfighter New Releases February 2012

We had no idea the fight that was coming to us. Five days of relentless aerial and naval bombardment and all intelligence indicated was a scattered remnant resistance of poorly armed militia standing between us and our objective. The strike was a gauranteed win, their back was meant to be broken, but what we got instead was a bloodbath unlike any I've encountered in 15 years for frontline action.
From the minute our boots hit the baking sand it was on... One thing is for sure, I'll never underestimate these sand rats again, not as long as there is still air in these lungs.

Ladies and Gentlemen
It's been a little over a month now since Flytrap Factory presented itself to the world of miniature wargaming and what a month it has been...
Firstly we hope that Christmas and New Years went off without a hitch and that everyone is back safe and sound (albeit at work most likely) For us here at the factory it was mostly a wet and muggy period with little spells of sunshine coming through in intermittent bursts...perfect weather for sculpting our future additions, and a load of new additions we did indeed sculpt :)

Secondly, as promised we look at our latest release in 15mm for the Warfighter range...

The M.E.R.C
February presents the first opposing force for the U.S.M.C expeditionary marines released in January.
The M.E.R.C or Middle Eastern Revolutionary Coalition forces are veteran regular units charged with defending their native Arab borders and waging the ongoing Jihad that began at the turn of the century.

Armed with an array of modern (and semi-modern) weapons supplied by their Komrades and Konnections in the Kremlin the forces of the Revolutionary Coalition are more than prepared to repel the western invaders who threaten the last fragments of their sovereign nations. 

The M.E.R.C blister contains 15 individual miniatures portraying a rifle squad of the elite Revolutionary Guard. The spattering of small arms present includes assault rifles, light machine guns and rocket propelled grenades, the perfect tools of aggression for the devastated urban battlefield.

This blister will be available to purchase from our web shop early next week.

Stay tuned for updates on Netherworlds Edge to come later, for you 15mm fans out there we hope you like what February offers from the Factory.

Kind regards
The Baron

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