Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Glug and The Big Lug...

Today we preview the first distinct character tribe for our "Caveman vs Wild" game.
Hailing from the volcanic wastelands of the north the "Glug tribe" is the first tribal release to include our latest specialist character type "The Big Lug" a hairy behemoth of a neanderthal who has discarded the ranged advantages of the tribal hunting spear for the "up close and personal" kiss of his skull cracking lumbering war club. Capable of holding large animals in check whilst his party members poke their nasty spearses into their behinds, or wrestling all but the largest Mammoths to the ground the big lug is a valued asset in the big hunt be the quarry creature or rival tribe.

Note that we have pulled the sale of the "Caveman vs Wild" rulebook from our website for now to update it with new rules and bits and bones incorporating this release and anticipate it being back up sometime next week.

The Baron

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