Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gaia World System Environmental Effects...

Ladies and Gentlemen
We take this opportunity to present the first two packs of our new line of Gaia world system environment packs. Designed to complimentt he battlefields and bases of a wide range of miniature scales (6mm to 28mm comfortably) the first two packs, "Gaia Deciduous Forest Environment" and "Gaia Coniferous Forest Environment" each come with 12 beautifully sculpted white metal trees and an assortment of bushes to compliment them.

The trees are establised on small rounds which are easily removed from the flytrap tab and provide an anchor point for drilling and locating in whatever creation they are being used with. The pictures here show just one way to use these environmental additions, two forest bases have been adorned with a pack of each of the two tree variants.

We have an environmental pack of palm trees suitable for south pacific island or jungle usage coming soon along with a wide array of other environmental effects so stay tuned.

These packs will be available from our webshop by the end of this week.

We hope that you like them!

Kind regards
The Baron

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