Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Of Riggers and Clankers...

Led by the fear nullified Rox Reboot, the pod commando unit known as Unit 7 "Reboots Rustbuckets" is a melting pot of some of the most disfunctional mechanical mercs in the Rigger arsenal. Sent ahead of the main clunk of the Destroid Planetary Expedition Force, the wily Lieutenant "Rox Reboot", his comrades the bombastic bombardier bot Sergeant "Bolt Boomstick", the gatling cannon toting weapons bot Sergeant "Data Drillbox", pyromaniac flamethrower bot Sergeant "Chink Charcoal" and the malfunctioning grenadier bot Sergeant "Gronk Gearbox" create havoc and mayhem amidst the Clanker forces holding the besieged satellite.

Thank you
The Baron

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