Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wealdwatch Garrison Commanders

Ladies and Gentlemen
Here is the final instalment for this release for Netherworlds Edge. To date we have shown the Wealdwatch Chapter Patrol, the common five mouse scout unit for the watch. We have previewed Sneetch Spellsinger the Ecomancer and his brother Gorix Stormfeather, the Wealdwatch Chapter Grandmaster Elect. Now we would like to show our three veteran "Captain Elect" mice sculpts representing the lower ranking officers of the watch whom hold the role of garrison commanders.

Captain Elect Drago Pathrunner, garrison commander of twelth watches "Ironreach fortress" to the east, a veteran war mouse who favours a trusty battleaxe over the watches stable copperspear. Captain Elect Loki Ironjaw, garrison commander of the third watches "Riverhelm fortress" to the south, an old tooth ranger lord whose mastery of the warhammer is legendary amongst the mouse kingdoms and finally Captain Elect Sven Blackcowl, the dashing and renowned garrison commander of the first watches "Grimlock fortress" to the west, a formidable swordmouse and the fabled hero of the seemingly eternal struggle of the Stonepeak campaign against the feral ice mice of the Drakwuld. 

Thank you
The Baron

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